Covid-19 Business Risk Assessment Service


The recent Covid-19 pandemic has raised considerable awareness of the risks to the workplace: from the impact of viral infection on employees to the deficits exposed by the lack of mitigation procedures and pandemic plans in large organizations.

At OccHealthNet our experience lies in the intersection between health and work, and so we find ourselves suitably placed to be able to learn from this pandemic and to help companies benefit from our expertise.

In the current climate companies are looking for a way to assess their operational risk and manage the health of their employees.  Our Covid-19 business risk assessment service can assist your company in compliance with current health advice and plan for future cold, flu and coronavirus seasons.


Lead by the latest clinical guidance our doctors can advise your business on issues such as workplace transmission, environment optimization, managing vulnerable employees, home working assessments, testing and eventually vaccinations.


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As the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to change rapidly we are keen to ensure that our clients are well supported and as informed as possible.

Under the ongoing guidance of the UK Health and Safety Executive we are operating our services with a flexible approach.


As an organisation we have a rapidly implemented a number of actions to facilitate the continuation of our services. This includes staff relocation, remote working, telephone / video consultations, reduced numbers of patients and small changes to the methodology used to undertake medicals.


We offer remote assessments for the vast majority of our medicals. We are continuing face-to-face meetings using appropriate PPE for those medicals that require physical examination.