What We Do

Fit for work

Workplace Health Assessments

  • Equality Act compliance & advice on adjustments

  • New Employee Health Screening

    • We offer screening and pre-emptive management of medical conditions, aimed at reducing sickness absence and improving workplace wellbeing

  • Night Work Assessment

    • Tailored pre-placement and annual medical check ups as required for night shift workers

  • Fit For Work Medicals

    • Personalised assessments of work-specific risks in context of employee adverse health issues


Health Surveillance & Assessments

  • HGV Medicals- HGV/PCV/Taxi

         Providing medical assessments of the fitness of transport drivers, in line with the DVLA.

  • Asbestos
    Pre-employment and 3 yearly medical assessments in line with HSE guidance.

  • Ionising Radiation
    A thorough medical examination to include spirometry and skin assessment as required, in line with HSE guidance.

  • Lead Workers
    An assessment that includes blood testing for lead levels, followed by appropriate advice on results. We provide site specific advice for control measures including use of personal protective equipment.

  • Audiology (Hearing) Assessment
    Using our specialised equipment we will provide employees with a hearing screen and advice on measures to limit further hearing damage if present.

  • Spirometry (Lung Function) Assessment
    Provided as part of a number of other medicals but also offered as a stand alone assessment.

  • Skin Assessment
    A clinical examination for employees at risk of skin-related conditions due to pre existing illness or workplace associated risk factors.

  • Driver and Fork Lift Truck Operator
    We offer fitness assessments for heavy machinery operators in line with HSE advice and DVLA guidance.

  • Food Handlers
    Tailored medicals accounting for food handler fitness and providing advice to reduce risks of workplace associated infections.

  • Vibration (HAVS) Assessments
    Tier 3 & 4 HAVS assessments and medical reports on fitness to work for employees with HAVS symptoms, in line with HSE guidance.

  • Musculoskeletal Assessments

  • Working at Heights Medical

         A medical to assess employees working at height aimed at reducing their risk of falling

  • Confined Spaces Medical

  • As assessment of employees working in closed spaces, to assess their fitness to work in these environments and ability to escape safely if required.

Doctor and Patient

Employee Health Issues

  • Short term and long term sickness absence assessment

  • Health related work performance

  • Back to work rehabilitation programmes

  • Policy guidance and health management advice


Hepatitis B & Influenza Vaccination

  • Hepatitis B vaccination offered to employers with employees working in risk environments. We provide the full set of vaccinations plus a follow-up blood test to check for immunity, and advise on the appropriate action.

  • Influenza vaccination offered to employers with on-site delivery.